Ditch the Sugar Detox

Ditch the Sugar Detox


Did you know that sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine does? The craving, the reward pathway, withdrawal, etc. It leave you wanting more and more.

Sugar is all around us. It’s in cereal, bread, granola bars, condiments, tomato sauce, sauces, chips, crackers, etc. Consumers are brainwashed by claims like “low-fat”, “gluten-free”, “natural flavours”, “vegan”, etc. Not all things gluten-free and vegan are food for us and often times companies add other ingredients to make up for their claims (eg. adding sugar!).

Ever wonder why you experience things like mood swings, PMS, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, muscle weakness, acne and depression (this is just the shortlist)? Sugar consumption could be one of the culprits!

What’s included in this detox:

A program guide that will help set you up for success and help you to detect hidden sugars in the products you buy.

A 7-day meal plan with recipes and a grocery list

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