Initial Adult Holistic Nutrition Consultation + Plan Delivery, $175, 60 min.

This intake consultation includes a discussion of your health history, goals, nutrition concerns, lifestyle, food preferences, etc. From there, Tina will create a customized protocol including a 7-day meal plan with recipes and a shopping list. You will meet with Tina a week later to review the plan that has been created for you. Tina's goal is to provide you with all the necessary information needed in order for you to feel confident with your plan and ready to live your best life!

Holistic Nutrition Consultation, $75, 30 min.

This session is to follow-up on your current protocol/meal plan(s) and to discuss the next steps.

Holistic Nutrition Extended Consultation, $100, 45 min.

This session is for current clients who have not been seen in 6 months or more. It is also for clients who have experienced changes in their health that require additional time to discuss their current protocol and to make modifications as needed.

Holistic Nutrition Initial Meal Planning Consultation, $75, 30 min.

Just looking for meal planning? No problem! We can do a mini intake session where we discuss food sensitivities/allergies, dietary needs/restrictions, food preferences, your health goals, a plan of action, etc. If you are currently working with a naturopathic doctor, this session is also for you! Meal plans are sold separately (starting at $75).

Holistic Nutrition Meet and Greet, 15 min.

This is an opportunity for you to meet the practitioner! You will be able to briefly discuss your health concerns and learn about Tina Gravalos and what she can create for you that is customized to your needs.

Initial Holistic Nutrition Pediatric Consultation, $125, 45 min.

This is a pediatric intake session where a full health history is discussed. It includes a customized protocol including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. It also includes a 7-day meal plan with recipes (additional meal plans can be added-on).

Holistic Nutrition Consultation, $45, 15 min.

This session is for current clients who have an acute issue or who need clarification/adjustments to their current plan.

Getting Started Package, $250, 60 min.

This package includes: an Initial Adult Holistic Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes), Plan Delivery Consultation (30 minutes), 6-week follow up consultation (30 minutes), Lifestyle Protocol, 7-day meal plan + recipes + shopping list. *See descriptions for Initial Adult Holistic Nutrition Consultation, Plan Delivery Consultation and Follow-up Consultation (also shown as Holistic Nutrition Consultation).

Additional Meal Plans Available Upon Request